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Fine art wedding photography in Italy

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Capturing Elegance, Style, and Love - Wedding Photography Tailored for the Distinguished


Choosing the right wedding photographer becomes an essential part of crafting my love story. As a wedding photographer in Puglia, I understand that the timeless charm of this region, with its historic venues, olive groves, and coastal vistas, deserves to be captured by a skilled eye. Welcome to my website,I’ll demonstrate why I am the perfect wedding photographer for your Puglia wedding, ensuring that every fleeting moment of your luxurious celebration is immortalized in a visual symphony of elegance and emotion.

Italy wedding photographer
italy wedding photographer
Your wedding, a work of art
Every story is a legacy of love
Italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Where elegance meets temporality
Your wedding deserves to be remembered forever
ibiza wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Immortalizing moments, capturing emotions
Each image tells a story
Italy wedding photographer



Welcome to the world of timeless wedding photography in Puglia.

As a passionate photographer dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments, I specialize in capturing the essence of your special day in a way that transcends time. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to providing the ultimate client experience, I strive to make your wedding photography journey seamless and exceptional.

David Azurmendi fotografo

Professional wedding photography that tells a story

Creating a Lasting Legacy

“Your destination wedding is a chapter in your love story and must be beautifully documented for posterity. Elegant and timeless photographs become a lasting legacy, preserving the love and commitment you shared on your wedding day for future generations to enjoy.”


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Let's Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

Destination wedding photographer in Italy

Elegant wedding in Trescore Balneario, Bergamo

In the heart of northern Italy, near the enchanting Lake di Como, lies the luxurious Villa Canton. It was here that I had the privilege of capturing the love story of Giovanni and Karina, a couple whose special day radiated with beauty and romance. 

A romantic photoshoot in Lake Como, Villa Cipressi

Vanessa and Riccardo’s intimate couple shoot at Villa Cipressi was a testament to the power of love and the beauty of simplicity. As their photographer, I feel honored to have been a part of their special day and to have captured the magic of their love story.

Timeless and elegant editorial shooting in Spain

Step into the enchanting world of Nerea and Nacho, where love blossomed amidst the ancient stone walls of a majestic castle in the heart of Northern Spain, Galicia. In a tale reminiscent of a fairy-tale romance, our lens captured the magic of their union.

Capturing an elegant destination wedding at Lake Como, Villa Cipressi

Giulia and Sasha’s wedding at Villa Cipressi was a testament to the timeless beauty and romance of Lake Como. As a wedding photographer, I feel privileged to have been a part of their special day and to have captured the love and happiness that surrounded them. 

Honored to Capture Your Italian Wedding Story

If you’re seeking a wedding photographer in Italy who is not only passionate about their craft but also dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience, look no further. I would be honored to be a part of your special day, capturing moments that will be cherished for generations to come. Let’s embark on this journey together and create magic that will stand the test of time.

"If you want a humane treatment, a great professional, photos that speak for themselves, do not hesitate for a second to choose him. He is a kind, polite, respectful, honest guy and I could fill this review saying positive things about him. His work is impeccable, he captures every moment, every hug, every smile, every tear, every everything."
Sarah & Alex
"David is professional and dedicated. His final work is simply amazing! It has been a pleasure working with him."
Marewa Formentera - Wedding Planners
"We had a great experience with David. The pictures he took of us turned out beautiful. He was very professional and passionate about his work."
Allan & Schole
"The quality of David's work is extraordinary. He will portray your wedding as if it were a movie. Everything important will be there and it will be a very careful photography, but very natural and spontaneous."
Sarah & John
"David's work is exceptional. From the first moment, we knew we were in good hands. He is approachable, responsible, flexible and professional."
Juanjo & Zaira
"A great photographer, a great professional, he makes you feel at ease that everything will be great and worry free."
Isabel & John
"He is a great professional who is passionate about his work, kind and very patient, he will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He gives 100% to make sure you have wonderful memories."
Patricia & Cesar
"From the first moment we contacted him we knew he would do a good job, the result of the photographs is spectacular!"
Isabel & Sergi
"He knew at all times the importance of having a beautiful memory of our day, and frankly, he far exceeded our expectations. We would choose him again without a doubt."
Juanjo & Zaira
"We are very grateful to David for the beautiful photos. David works professionally and is highly recommended. He knows how to capture the most important and spontaneous moments."
Michelle & Erik
"A very attentive person who values the opinion of his clients. We are very happy with his work, it's amazing how he captured all the important moments without us even realizing it, without a doubt he is the best choice."
Sophie & Luis
"David did a wonderful job! The light control, the poses and everything was perfect! We are not very photogenic and it's hard for us but they looked great and he brought out the best in each one of us. He treated us very well and is very nice."
Judith & Jared
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A palette of warmth
fotografo bodas ibiza


In the heart of Puglia, where the sun bathes the landscape in golden hues, there’s a captivating chance to seize the timeless essence of your wedding day the cherished Golden Hour.

As a Puglia wedding photographer, I’m excited to offer advice and share insights on embracing the enchantment of this moment, guaranteeing that your wedding photos are infused with the warm, otherworldly radiance that characterizes Puglia’s distinct light and atmosphere.


Take advantage of the Golden Hour to capture breathtaking silhouettes against Puglia’s coastal scenery. Whether you’re on the beach or nestled atop cliffs, the golden sky sets the ideal stage for crafting silhouettes that beautifully showcase the love and bond shared between you and your partner.

fotografo bodas ibiza
"Elevating Your Wedding to Artistic Excellence"


Editorial Elegance

If you’re drawn to the allure of editorial-style photography, seek photographers who excel in capturing the sophistication and luxury synonymous with high-end fashion shoots. Discover how their artistry can elevate your wedding album to a visual masterpiece.

Documentary Storytelling

For those who prefer a more candid and storytelling approach, consider photographers adept at documentary-style photography. Uncover how they skillfully capture genuine moments, creating a narrative that unfolds naturally, reflecting the authentic emotions of your day.


Puglia wedding photographer's Portfolio
europe wedding photographer


Embark on a visual exploration of Puglia through the lens of local photographers. Dive into their portfolios to understand their unique styles, from capturing the intimate details of historical venues to immortalizing candid moments against the backdrop of olive groves and azure coasts.


Explore the nuances of Puglia’s diverse landscapes and cultural richness. A skilled Puglian wedding photographer should demonstrate an understanding of the region’s various aesthetics, whether it’s the rustic elegance of masserie, the regal charm of castles, or the coastal allure of seaside celebrations.



Expertise matters
Italy wedding photographer

Lighting Mastery

Puglia’s abundant sunlight and unique landscapes present both opportunities and challenges. Explore how your chosen photographer navigates the nuances of Puglian light, ensuring that your images are bathed in the warm, golden glow that characterizes this Mediterranean paradise.

Venue familiarity

Select a Puglia wedding photographer familiar with the nuances of the region’s venues. Whether it’s the architectural details of historical sites or the lighting considerations of outdoor settings, expertise in Puglia’s unique wedding landscape is key to capturing its essence.

italy wedding photographer
Personal Connection: Trusting Your Photographer
Consultation and Collaboration
David Azurmendi, Puglia wedding photographer

Congratulations on securing a date and finding the ideal venue for your celebrations! Now, the next step is finding the perfect photographer, isn’t it?

Schedule consultations with potential photographers to discuss your vision, preferences, and expectations. A photographer who actively collaborates with you, offering valuable insights and understanding your unique story, is more likely to create a collection of images that truly resonate with your love story.

David Azurmendi photographer
Budget considerations
Custom packages

Request customizable packages tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a full-day coverage or additional services like pre-wedding shoots and albums, a personalized package ensures that your investment aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Quality over Quantity

Prioritize quality over quantity when evaluating costs. A skilled Puglian wedding photographer may capture fewer images, but each one is a carefully crafted masterpiece. Investing in a photographer with a discerning eye guarantees that your cherished memories will be captured with artistry and precision.


Our primary aim is to craft a compelling narrative of your special day, capturing every moment as it naturally unfolds. With an unobtrusive presence, we document events big and small, ensuring your love story shines through in every frame. We love setting aside some private time for just the two of you away from the crowd. It’s a chance for you to revel in the joy of being newlyweds and for us to create beautiful, relaxed couple portraits. During the day, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere allowing you to enjoy every moment authentically.

If you decide to entrust me with capturing your special day, we’ll send over all the necessary booking forms, T&Cs, and deposit details. Simply return the completed booking form alongside a 25% deposit, and your date will be secured in our calendar. The remaining balance is due one month before your wedding day.

We understand how eager you’ll be to relive your magical day through the photographs. Your final gallery, carefully curated in our signature style, will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of your wedding day. As a little treat, we’ll provide a preview of your cherished moments just a few days after the wedding, so you can cherish those early memories while eagerly awaiting the full gallery. 

When it comes to destination weddings, my approach involves arriving a day prior to the ceremony to acquaint myself with the surroundings and venue, ensuring I discover the most picturesque spots for your photographs. There are instances where I opt to arrive two days in advance, guaranteeing I’m well-prepared and can capture every moment seamlessly. Typically, I schedule my departure for the day following the wedding, allowing ample time to wrap up any post-celebration details and bid farewell to the enchanting destination.

Throughout your entire day, me (David), will be by your side, preserving every precious moment. For larger weddings (over 120 guests), we recommend a second shooter from our network of trusted photographers to effectively capture every detail of your celebration.

Conclusion: Immortalizing Your Puglian Love Story

As you embark on the journey of choosing the perfect Puglian wedding photographer, remember that your choice extends beyond capturing moments; it’s about entrusting your love story to an artist who understands the nuances of Puglia’s timeless charm. By matching styles, navigating unique challenges, and building a personal connection, you’ll ensure that every photograph is a testament to the elegance, emotion, and enduring beauty of your Puglian celebration. In the hands of the right photographer, your wedding album becomes a masterpiece, a visual symphony of your love story told against the backdrop of Puglia’s enchanting landscapes.

Capture the magic of your Puglia wedding with breathtaking golden hour shots! Ready to elevate your wedding photography game? Dive into our latest blog post on seizing the golden hour in Puglia for unforgettable wedding photos. Learn expert tips and tricks to make your special day even more enchanting. Click here to unlock the secrets of golden hour photography in Puglia and make your wedding album shine brighter than ever before!


italy wedding photographer

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