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Celebrating Love in a Northern Spanish Castle

The rugged beauty of the northern Spanish countryside, a majestic castle stands as a testament to history and romance

Step into the enchanting world of Nacho and Nerea as they celebrate their love amidst the historic charm of Pazo de San Tirso, a centuries-old castle nestled in the heart of Galicia. This editorial showcases not just a wedding, but a visual masterpiece that seamlessly blends the realms of luxury, romance, and style.

In this exclusive photoshoot, the couple, adorned in exquisite creations by the renowned designerLaura Escribano, graces the castle’s grounds with grace and sophistication. Nerea’s beauty is enhanced by the masterful touch of makeup artist and hairstylist Patricia Palmeiro, ensuring she radiates timeless elegance.

Laura Escribano’s artistry shines through in the three distinct dresses showcased by Nerea. Each gown reflects a different facet of her personality, emphasizing the versatility and creativity that comes with luxury wedding attire.

Martina Dorta’s headpieces and jewelry add a touch of glamour, perfectly complementing the overall look. The interplay of light, thanks to JBX and Neón Gal, creates an ethereal atmosphere, illuminating the love that surrounds Nacho and Nerea.

Xulián Floristeríahas curated an exquisite display of flowers and decorations, transforming Pazo de San Tirso into a floral wonderland. Every arrangement is a testament to the meticulous planning that went into making this day unforgettable.

David Azurmendi, the visionary photographer behind this editorial, seamlessly blends the worlds of wedding and fashion photography. His lens captures not just moments but emotions, turning each frame into a timeless masterpiece.

Susana Ríos, through her expertise and creativity, brought this grand vision to life with the help of Norte Workshop. The result is a wedding that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of Nacho and Nerea.

This editorial isn’t just a celebration of love; it’s a symphony of talent coming together to create an unforgettable experience. Join us as we delve into the visual feast that is Nacho and Nerea’s fairytale wedding at Pazo de San Tirso.