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Barcelona Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Barcelona Wedding Photography Services

Hello there! I’m David Azurmendi, your Barcelona wedding photographer.

I believe in the timeless beauty and magic of capturing your special day against the backdrop of this stunning city. Barcelona, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking architecture, provides the perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Italy wedding photographer
italy wedding photographer
Your wedding, a work of art
Every story is a legacy of love
Italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
fotografo bodas ibiza
italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Where elegance meets temporality
Your wedding deserves to be remembered forever
Italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Italy wedding photographer
Immortalizing moments, capturing emotions
Each image tells a story
Italy wedding photographer


The perfect combination
ibiza wedding photographer

Preserving Moments of Love and Joy

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, filled with precious moments that deserve to be cherished forever. From the tender exchange of vows to the joyful embrace of family and friends, each moment is a testament to the beauty and significance of your love story. Our goal is to capture these moments with authenticity and emotion, creating timeless images that reflect the unique essence of your relationship.

Captivating Barcelona's Beauty

Barcelona is a city of enchanting beauty, with its winding streets, historic landmarks, and picturesque landscapes. As wedding photographers, we are inspired by the romance and charm of this vibrant city, and we strive to incorporate its iconic landmarks and hidden gems into your wedding photos. Whether it’s a sunset stroll along the beach or a romantic dance under the stars, Barcelona provides the perfect backdrop for creating magical moments that will be treasured for years to come.

Italy wedding photographer

"Elevate Your Barcelona Wedding Experience with Stunning Photography"

David Azurmendi


Your wedding day is a chapter in your love story, and I would be honored to be a part of it.

Whether you’re exchanging vows against the backdrop of Barcelona’s iconic landmarks or celebrating with an intimate gathering of family and friends, I will be there to capture every moment, ensuring that your memories are preserved for a lifetime.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you create beautiful, timeless memories of your wedding day in Barcelona.

David Azurmendi fotografo
Capturing Timeless Memories

In a world where trends come and go, I believe in the enduring elegance of timeless wedding photography. My approach is simple yet sophisticated, focusing on capturing the natural beauty and authentic emotions of your special day.

I believe that timeless wedding photography transcends fleeting trends, allowing you to look back on your wedding day with fondness and nostalgia for decades to come.

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Let's Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever
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Capuring love across Europe
Your Love Story, Our Passion

I’m passionate about telling love stories through the art of photography, understanding the importance of your wedding day and the significance of capturing every precious moment.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I strive to create images that not only document your wedding day but also reflect the depth of your love and the beauty of your relationship.

Capturing Special Moments on Your Big Day

In Barcelona, wedding photography is an art that allows you to immortalize special moments. Different photography styles adapt to each couple’s preferences. Outstanding professionals capture the essence of love with unique and creative approaches. Choosing the ideal photographer is crucial to preserve eternal memories on your big day.

The Importance of Wedding Photography on the Special Day

The importance of wedding photography on the special day lies in its ability to capture unique and emotional moments that will last forever. Each snapshot immortalizes the happiness, excitement, and love of that special day, becoming cherished memories for a lifetime.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Photographer
  • Research the photographer’s portfolio to understand their style and quality of work.
  • Communicate your expectations and preferences to ensure the photographer can capture exactly what you desire.
  • Consider the hourly rate and availability of the photographer to travel if necessary.
italy wedding photographer

“David did a wonderful job! The light control, the poses and everything was perfect! We are not very photogenic and it’s hard for us but they looked great and he brought out the best in each one of us. He treated us very well and is very nice. Without a doubt we recommend him 100% and we would do the photos with him again!”

Judith & Jared

“David’s work is exceptional. From the first moment, we knew we were in good hands. He is approachable, responsible, flexible and professional. He knew at all times the importance of having a beautiful memory of our day, and frankly, he far exceeded our expectations. We would choose him again without any doubt. Once again, thanks a thousand thanks mate!”

Juanjo & Zaira

“Without a doubt David is the right choice for your wedding day! In addition to taking super beautiful and professional photos, David was attentive to us at all times, gave us advice and was very flexible with all our ideas. Without a doubt he is a photographer of 10 and a very attentive person who values the opinion of his clients. We are very happy with his work, it’s amazing how he captured all the important moments without us even realizing it, without a doubt he is the best choice for your wedding!”

Sophie & Luis

“David Azurmendi, a person we will never forget! When we started with the wedding preparations, choosing a good photographer was the only thing we had clear. Searching, searching, I found the profile of this great professional and my now husband did not hesitate for a moment; he told me to stop looking, it had to be him or no one else. I immediately contacted David, we had almost nothing clear, but David was committed to us and I thank the world that there are still people like him. If you want a humane treatment, a great professional, photos that speak for themselves, do not hesitate for a second to choose him. He is a kind, polite, respectful, honest guy and I could fill this review saying positive things about him. His work is impeccable, he captures every moment, every hug, every smile, every tear, every everything. You can’t tell he’s in front of it, everything flows with him. By the way, he delivers the work super fast. I’m sure I’m leaving a thousand things to say, but don’t hesitate to choose him, David, thank you for telling our story so beautifully, we’ll meet again!”

Alex & Sara

The relaxed and festive atmosphere of destination weddings creates a space conducive to capturing spontaneous and genuine moments. The connection between the couple and their loved ones is intensified in these environments, allowing me to immortalize moments filled with love, laughter and tears of happiness.

italy wedding photographer
APRIL 2024

Lake Como, Italy

MAY 2024

Mallorca, Spain

JUNE 2024

Barcelona, Spain

JULY 2024

Formentera, Spain


Mallorca, Spain


Santorini, Greece

MARCH 2023

Barcelona, Spain

JUNE 2023

Barcelona, Spain

JULY 2023

Formentera, Spain


Toledo, Spain

Formentera, Spain

Menorca, Spain


Paphos, Cyprus

Paris, France


Our primary aim is to craft a compelling narrative of your special day, capturing every moment as it naturally unfolds. With an unobtrusive presence, we document events big and small, ensuring your love story shines through in every frame. We love setting aside some private time for just the two of you away from the crowd. It’s a chance for you to revel in the joy of being newlyweds and for us to create beautiful, relaxed couple portraits. During the day, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere allowing you to enjoy every moment authentically.

If you decide to entrust me with capturing your special day, we’ll send over all the necessary booking forms, T&Cs, and deposit details. Simply return the completed booking form alongside a 25% deposit, and your date will be secured in our calendar. The remaining balance is due one month before your wedding day.

Throughout your entire day, me (David), will be by your side, preserving every precious moment. For larger weddings (over 120 guests), we recommend a second shooter from our network of trusted photographers to effectively capture every detail of your celebration.

We understand how eager you’ll be to relive your magical day through the photographs. Your final gallery, carefully curated in our signature style, will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of your wedding day. As a little treat, we’ll provide a preview of your cherished moments just a few days after the wedding, so you can cherish those early memories while eagerly awaiting the full gallery. 

If your love story takes you to extraordinary places, I’m more than willing to join the adventure. Travel in Italy, Greece, Spain, France and Portugal is included in our full day wedding collection #1 and #2.

italy wedding photographer
italy wedding photographer

If you don’t get a response from me within 1 day please send me a message at [email protected].

If you wish you can also contact me by WhatsApp using the button bellow

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