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paris couple shooting photographer


Hello to all lovers of love stories and photography that captures emotions! Today I want to immerse you in the tale of a unique experience as a wedding photographer in the romantic city of Paris, where the cobblestone streets and the iconic Eiffel Tower witnessed the eternal love of Emilia and Guillame.

A year ago, I had the privilege of documenting the wedding of this lovely couple. The setting: the illuminated streets of Paris, where every corner came alive with the essence of romance. Emilija, dazzling in her white dress, and Guillame, impeccable in his suit, immersed themselves in the magical atmosphere of the Parisian night.

The Eiffel Tower, majestic and illuminated, stood as the perfect witness to their engagement. Every click of my camera captured Emilija’s elegance as she walked through the cobblestone streets, and the complicity between the two of them that lit up the night. It was a dance of lights and emotions, and my goal was to capture every sparkle of their love in timeless images.

The choice to photograph their wedding at night in Paris added an extra touch of magic. The soft lights enhanced the loving gestures, shared laughter and intimate moments. As a Paris wedding photographer, my mission was not only to capture photographs, but also to freeze the very essence of this unforgettable day.

If you are planning your wedding in Paris and dream of a photographer who will capture the unique essence of your special day, I am here to turn your dreams into tangible memories. As a Paris wedding photographer, I am committed to creating a visual legacy that will transport you back to those magical moments.

So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Paris who will tell your story with authenticity and passion, don’t hesitate to contact me! I am excited to be part of your unique adventure, see you soon!

Paris photographer: David Azurmendi

In the bustling streets of Paris, where romance lingers in the air and night envelops the city with its charm, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of a loving couple beneath the glow of the iconic Eiffel Tower. With my camera in hand and a vision inspired by the world of fashion, we embarked on an exploration of the magic of the City of Light.

The cobblestone streets became our impromptu runway as the night slowly unfolded, and the soft glimmers of city lights created a perfect backdrop for our photo shoot. With each step, each gesture, each glance, we sought to capture the authenticity of love in its purest form.

Opting for classic black and white, each image acquired a timeless and elegant atmosphere, reminiscent of the pages of Vogue magazine. With the Eiffel Tower towering majestically behind them, the couple exuded sophistication and style, as if they were the protagonists of their own love story in Paris.

We immersed ourselves in the vibrant energy of the city, taking advantage of every picturesque corner, every romantic alleyway, to create a series of images that captured the very essence of Paris. From impromptu dance steps in the middle of the street to passionate embraces in front of illuminated cafes, each moment became a visual masterpiece.

The session was not only a tribute to the love between this wonderful couple but also a homage to the incomparable beauty of Paris, which is revealed in its fullness when night descends and the Eiffel Tower lights up. Each image is a reminder that true love is timeless, just like the city that embraces it.

For me, as a Europe wedding photographer, this session was a dream come true, an opportunity to merge my passion for photography with my love for Paris. I hope these images convey a fraction of the magic we experienced that night and inspire all couples to write their own fairy tale on the charming streets of this extraordinary city.